Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thank You for Not Liking Delicata Squash

I got home today to find a squash stuffed in my mailbox.

Some people might be puzzled by this, but I knew exactly what it meant. It meant my neighbors with the Harmony Valley CSA do not care to eat this squash.

"Seriously?!" I asked the mailbox. Mailbox didn't answer. I looked up and down the street. No one. I snatched the squash and hurried inside.

Quickly, now, before they change their minds.

Caramelized Delicata
1 delicata or other thin-skinned winter squash
2 T butter
Salt and pepper
2 T Madeira

Slice the squash into rings. Pare the squash innards out of the middle of each ring.

Heat the butter over medium heat until the foam recedes. Turn the heat down a bit and lay the squash rings in the pan. Cook gently for about five minutes. They should be turning a caramelized brown on the outside.

Turn the rings over. Cook another five minutes.

Sprinkle on salt and pepper to taste. Shake the pan around a little. Remove the squash rings and deglaze the pan with the Madeira. Pour the sauce over the squash.

Thank you, neighbors. You can kick your undesired squash over here anytime.