Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All Heat and No Light

Dragonfruit! Wow! I found them in the grocery store for $7.99 apiece! I winced at the price, but paid anyway. How often does a Minnesotan get to try a fruit so exotic-looking that it had a cameo role in a futuristic movie like AEon Flux?! (I’m not the only one who spotted it; this indignant testimony contains movie spoilers, though.)

I rushed mine home and looked up instructions about how to prepare it. I cut it up, mounded the fruit chunks in the empty skin, and took a bite.

As it turns out, dragon fruit is less like a futuristic action movie than it is like one of the Kardashian sisters. It’s attractive, maybe, but hmm… after all, a bit garish. It’s expensive. And it’s pretty much tasteless.


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  1. There's no debating the meh-ishness of this fruit's flavor. Bland, very vaguely tropical. But the vibrantly colorful presentation is worth featuring at any dinner party. Just for fun.


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