Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All I can fix in THIS kitchen

I have walls! I have paint! But still no horizontal surfaces.

While I was painting this weekend, I snuck around behind my back and tore off the rest of the window trim. I sanded and primed the sashes, too, while I wasn’t looking. What a jerk.

Now, for your and my amusement both, a list of things that happen in my friend John Reimringer’s book Vestments that have happened in my kitchen since last week:
• Smashing out wallboard
• Fixing wallboard
• Sanding and repainting window sashes
• Painting walls
• An enormous glass of whiskey

It’s Jameson on the rocks. Recipe: One Jameson. One rocks. Put in a glass. The End.


  1. OK, but, for those of us who aren't as good at cooking on the fly:

    What size glass?
    It looks like you used more than one rock. How many would you recommend?
    What happens if I use more rocks?
    What happens if I use less rocks?
    Did you initially fill the glass all the way?
    Is this like a roast, where you're supposed to let it rest for a while after baking before imbibing? Or should it be served immediately?
    Any variations?

    Signed, the Remedial Cook

  2. Amy, how kind of you to step forward with clarifying questions on behalf of others who might need to know but feel too foolish to ask.

    We all know that you know PLENTY about booze.


  3. What's going to be the first meal in the new kitchen?

  4. In another week or two I will have enough kitchen together to cook things, but I likely will not do anything major until after the countertops are installed. That could be a while longer.


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