Monday, March 28, 2011

Pie Haven, Pizza Fail

My kitchen’s still not ready for cooking, but it’s getting close!

This weekend, dear sweet Katrina welcomed me into her well-appointed kitchen so I could work out some of my pie issues. Katrina and my sweetheart, Beth, who have been friends since their freshman year of college, sat at the kitchen table and talked.

I listened with only half an ear, enjoying the piano song of women’s voices in easy confidence with each other. My hands remembered the stiffness of butter cut into wheat flour, the elastic resistance of pastry as I rolled it out on Katrina’s vintage enamel baking cart with her wooden pin. I felt my shoulders release the fretfulness of paint chips, the uncertainty of countertops and light fixtures, the angst of constant shopping.

The next day I felt inspired to attempt some dough at home. I set out to answer this question: Can a person make a creditable pizza in an electric fry pan?

I’m loathe to say I couldn’t. But the fact remains I didn’t.

Were I to try again, I’d…
  • Roll the dough out super-thin. The crust crisped up only to the thickness of a cracker. The rest of my quarter-inch-thick crust was rather steamed.
  • Make the pan as hot as possible. Even this will not be hot enough.
  • Flip the crust over like a pancake, then put sauce and fixings on top.
  • Don’t expect the cheese to be toasted.
  • Order delivery instead.


  1. I made one in my cast iron skillet a few months ago...I think I finished it in the oven, but started it on the stovetop. I believe I did have it quite thin, and it was very good! Try, try, will be sure to get it right. (and what a beautiful kitchen you are going to have!)

  2. Hey, Cyn -

    Oooh, a cast iron skillet would have made a difference. The seasoned surface; the even, dry heat. And finishing in the oven would have allowed the cheese to brown.

    Since I am only making pizzas in the electric fry pan out of desperation, I may not devote too much more time to it.

    But if I wanted to make pizza on the grill outside, the fry pan would be just the thing for parbaking the crust. Who wants to fire up an oven in July? We could just run the extension cord out to the patio... hmm....

  3. That kitchen is looking great! And, time with friends, conversation, and pie making are great cures for stress of many kinds.

  4. Thanks! 'Tis true about the pie.


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