Monday, May 9, 2011

First outdoor meal of the season

My young neighbor Jack rolled up to me on his Razor scooter on Saturday and we chatted. "It's a nice summer day," he remarked. "It might not be summer tomorrow, but it is today."

I agree with him, and quick while it's summer, I made the season's first meal that I ate outside on a lounge chair. It's a steak cooked rare; mushrooms sauteed with ramps and finished with Madeira; new potatoes with butter and chopped herbs; a green salad with tomatoes, black radish, romaine, and sorrel; and a nice glass of Malbec. Thank goodness for Harmony Valley. Life was getting so bland!


  1. We had steaks with mushrooms last night, but I didn't think to cook up the mushrooms with the ramps. Oh well, next time, or next season.

  2. What if you made steaks with JUST THE RAMPS?! Ohhhh yum yum yum yum

  3. I'll see your grilled steak and raise you fresh morels. NOM NOM NOM

  4. You better hope you see steak and morels before I see it.

    Cuz I'll, you know, eat it while you're not looking.

  5. Too late! Neener neener. We ate them all last Saturday. And had ramps and pasta on Sunday. Oh, yeah.


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